What should sex be like according to the Bible?

Talking about sex in the Bible is not very complicated, because God made man and woman with the intention of multiplying on the face of the earth. Thus, God created human beings to be fruitful and multiply. But, what should sex be like according to the Bible?

In general, the Bible does not say how sex should be had or how the practice should be practiced between the couple. However, it is important to say and make it clear that sexual practice in the Bible is to use the reproductive organ only. The practice of anal is something that comes from outside and is inspired by banned films, which means that it is not a practice recommended by the Bible.

Here we will point out some biblical texts that talk about this subject.

Genesis 1:28

Sex is good, it is a part of the design that God made – but sex is not just something to enjoy, but rather the means by which we bring new life to the world.

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it;”

The word of God says that the intention is, firstly, to be fruitful and then to multiply. The act of bearing fruit is to generate love in oneself – that is, spiritual fruits so that the relationship between the couple is pure and pleasing before God. Because, skipping this process will make the couple seek fuel from the world to nourish their marital relationship.

This is where impurity comes into marriage.

Pagan practices enter into marriage, and marriage was something that was titled to honor God, which ends up making something abominable before God.

Nowadays many Christian marriages are falling apart, this is because the bond was formed in the flesh and not in the Spirit.

It is clear that the link was formed based on the benefit of the other’s body and not as a link for family formation.

Which makes this link a carnal link, in which God did not participate and cannot participate. That is, because it is a link built in the flesh and not in the Spirit. For this reason, the Bible says that God is a Spirit and his actions are based on bonds formed in the Spirit. It is in the Spiritual bond that the Bible says “What God has joined together, man does not separate”, this is about the bond that God has united and not the desire for sexual satisfaction from the body of another.

The law needs to be followed “fruitful and multiply”, there is no growth when the process is circumvented. Well, it’s about personal growth to expand everything that surrounds you.

The book of songs 4 points to a man who was extremely in love. Some point to Christ’s love for his church, if we look we will see that the emphasis of the book is a declaration of love for his wife. The emphasis of the book is not to highlight sexuality, but rather love – which is a fruit of the Spirit.

The apostle Paul says “do not deprive one another”, so that Satan does not tempt you. Furthermore, Paulo says that the couple must reach an agreement on relational issues, as there is no step-by-step guide on how to have a sexual relationship. However, the practice of anal intercourse is a pagan practice – and it is not a pleasant practice. Well, this type of practice is libertinism and leads to other libertine sins. The Bible says that you need to take care of the land (body) that the Lord gives you, that is, not to bring worldly concepts into holy land. In the same context, Paul says that the woman does not have power over her own body, but her husband does. And vice versa, that is, it is up to the couple to talk and agree on the relationship they will have.

Remember that the intention is to bear fruit and multiply – A relationship must be natural, when the subject of anal comes up it is a subject that is not natural but an unnatural practice. Because, in the principles established by God in Genesis, the intention is to love and multiply – what the other type of practice does not bring, the other will bring the multiplication of new life. Furthermore, this type of practice occurred in paganism and in pornographic films.

Furthermore, when a man and a woman come together “they both become one flesh.” In body and soul, therefore, your emotions are shared with each other. Therefore, God says that a woman’s desire must be in her husband – and the husband must love his wife, just as Christ loves his Church. The process of this partnership made – brings the woman’s submission to her husband without so much discussion.

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