What are angels like according to the Bible?

Angels are celestial beings who protect humanity against the empire of darkness. However, we cannot confuse angels with archangels, cherubim and Seraphim. Which are a totally order that are above the angels – in fact the archangels are chiefs of angels. It’s like a captain who leads his soldiers to war. Although they are all angels, they are known as archangels and not angels. Therefore, the biblical expression for this type of angel is archangel.

Biblically, an archangel is one who takes care of thousands of angels. Human beings have angels around them to protect them against the attacks of darkness. However, an angel does not do what he wants, he is commanded by an archangel, where the archangel is commanded by the creator.

If you want to know what an angel is like according to the Bible, you will be surprised.

Here you will get an idea of what an angel looks like, but we will not describe what a cherub or a Seraphim or even an archangel looks like. Well, the Bible does not describe what an archangel looks like, it only illustrates that cherubim are beings that have four faces, namely, the face of a man, the face of an ox, the face of a lion and the face of an eagle. The Seraphim are described as beings full of eyes that fly above the throne of God in worship.

Obviously, the illustration of eyes and four faces are symbols that reveal the personality of Christ. For example, the illustration of a man’s face reveals that God would come as a man in the land of the living. The ox’s face reveals that he would come as a servant to serve and give his life to save humanity. Leo reveals that he is king and will rule over the face of the earth and the eagle points out that he is aware of everything that occurs in the world of men.

Angels in turn are agents to serve those who will inherit God’s salvation.

After all, what are angels like according to the Bible?

According to the Bible, angels are beings that carry out the divine will.

According to tradition from the time of Christ, angels are beings that resemble human beings.

This is evidenced by what is written in the book of Acts of the Apostles which says: “They began to say, ‘It is your angel.’ —Acts 12:13-15.

They believed that their guardian angel looked like the person he had to guard. Of course we cannot say this, but there are strong indications that angels in the Bible look like man – it is also illustrated in the book of Daniel about the angel Gabriel (Luke 1:26). Gabriel is not part of the hierarchy of archangels, cherubs and Seraphim, but rather a messenger angel who brings messages of worldwide impact. It is not known what the hierarchy of this angel is, it is known that he is one of the angels closest to God, who in turn, is illustrated as an angel of great authority, because, when taking the message to Daniel, he was prevented by princes of darkness. Where God sent the archangel Michael to wage war against these princes of darkness.

The bible describes Gabriel, the man Gabriel (Daniel 9:21). Therefore, it is believed that an angel has the appearance of a man. Bearing in mind that we are talking about angels and not archangels. Cherubim or Seraphim.

After all, this other hierarchy of angels can bring fear to humanity, as it has unusual aspects. The expression where angels say “don’t be afraid” is an expression for man not to be afraid – because seeing a spirit is fearful for any human being, as it is outside the scope of man and anything that is out of the normal will bring fear and despair.

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