Lighted lamps, What Does this Mean in the Bible?

We have a duty as Christians to always keep the lamp lit, the Apostle Paul describes that Christians should under no circumstances extinguish the Holy Spirit. In other words, he must never put out the fire of the Holy Spirit.

In general, it is important to understand that the lamp that the Bible mentions is the fire of the Spirit. This is because at that time there was no electricity. At the time, oil was used to put in lamps so that they had the function of lighting the path. We can get a brief glimpse of this in the chapter on the ten virgins.

In the old testament there was a chandelier and consequently the seven lamps, which were made of pure gold, had the role of lighting the concert tent. The intention was that the lamps remain on day and night, that is, every shift, for 24 hours. It was the priests’ job to keep them lit constantly.

And you shall command the children of Israel to bring pure beaten olive oil for the light, to make the lamp burn continually (Exodus 27:20).

It was the obligation of every Israelite to bring pure olive oil to make the lamp burn continually in the temple. The lamp can represent many things, this will depend a lot on the context in which it is located. For example, it can represent the word of God, the law of God and also the human body. However, pure olive oil represents the Holy Spirit of truth who brings clarity and illumination to our hearts (Job 12:5; 21:17). Sometimes it reflects human life. But, it represents the truths of God and not in fact the symbol of the Holy Spirit, because there is no possibility of the Holy Spirit being bought. And the parable is the book of Exodus reflects that the 5 virgins went to buy oil for their lamps and similarly in Exodus it reflects that it was the people who brought the pure oil for the lamps.

In other words, pure oil represents prayer and dedication to God, which is why we see a certain prisoner paying to have access to the oil. This represents the quest of every Christian, not that it is sought with money, but rather – time alone with God.

Your word is a lamp – it is an instruction, where God’s word is a path to eternity. Furthermore, Proverbs says that whoever speaks words of curses to his parents, his lamp will go out and he will be a lamp in dark darkness (Proverbs 20:20). Therefore, it is about the life of man, this in connection with the honor of the father and mother which brings Longevity, but dishonor brings early destruction.

The oil can represent the revelation of the Spirit and His word. This is because in Matthew 25 it is mentioned that 5 virgins were out of oil for their lamps, the complete speech telling them to go and buy it. Therefore, in this context it is impossible for it to be the Spirit, because the Spirit cannot be bought with money. This study can reflect the revelation of spiritual truths.

In Mark 6:13 it reveals that with the oil they anointed many sick people and they were all healed. The oil represents in this context the knowledge of spiritual truths, and you will know the truth and it will set you free. Illness symbolizes the illness of the soul, which must be treated through words until the soul is completely transformed. Healing is not just about outward healing, but the inner healing that comes through the preaching of the gospel.

“The fire must always burn on the altar; it will never go out.”

In antiquity, each utensil had a fundamental role in illustrating human life and divinity. For example, acacia wood represents humanity, when dealing with the Messiah it represented his incorruptible humanity, the incarnation of God on earth, coated with gold that symbolized man covered by the power of the Most High.

It is the obligation of every Christian to always seek God to stay lit. Well, there is a possibility that it will go out over time, the Bible in 1 Samuel portrays that the lamp was about to go out – that was when God called Samuel. The Bible mentions in its context that revelations were rare at that time, because the priesthood was corrupt. In much of the Bible, having the lamp lit reflects the revelation of God’s truths.

In the New Testament, the Bible says about man being the light of the world. It talks about saying that the light of the body is the eyes, it does not say about the lamp, which in this plot can be understood to be about the human body (Matthew 4:14; 6:22; Luke 11:34).

In 2 Corinthians 4 it says: “it shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ”. In turn, we can conclude that when we talk about lighted lamps we can say that it is about knowing God to know Christ. Therefore, there is no way to go to the Father, except through the way through Christ. Therefore, it is understood and makes a connection with the biblical text that says that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Which symbolizes the three stages of the tabernacle that was erected in the desert.

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