Cherubim a typology of the Levites

The Levites in the Bible were responsible for carrying out services in the Tabernacle. They were in charge of carrying the ark of God on their shoulders, which illustrates that the Levites are servants who must carry the presence of God on their shoulders. Therefore, we see expressions “gird up your loins”, which represents bearing the presence of God.

The cherubim are beings that are below the firmament, the transparent firmament below the throne of God. Cherubim are beings that God rides around the earth – we see a clear expression of this in the book of Psalm 18. Where he mounted a Cherubim and flew over the earth, and made the black clouds his hidden one.

“And the Levites carried the Ark of God, supporting the poles of the Ark on their shoulders,…”

Just as the cherubim are beings that support the four quants of God’s chair or throne. The ark is a typology of God’s throne that is carried only by the Levites on earth and in the heavens and carried only by the Cherubim.

Therefore, we see that the Levites reached certain ends of the tabernacle, not being able to enter the most holy place. We see the same image in question with the cherubim of glory who should only be below the throne of God.

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